Mouse for gamer girls?

March 18, 2008

So! I have been using a Logitech g5 mouse for about the past year, and I think that it is come to the time where we should go our separate ways. I felt very excited to have my very own special gaming mouse in the beginning- the extra buttons, the option to add weights, and the enhanced sensitivity settings- but I have since realized that instead of helping in my gaming endeavors, it is instead holding me back.

I can’t really blame Logitech, because women generally do not play a lot of FPS, but I find that the mouse is better designed for a bigger male hand.

I feel like I should buy a new, smaller mouse, that will be comfortable for hours of gaming, and that will help me to pwn n00bs. I have heard that Razer mice are made small, but the problem is that they don’t have any models on display at the stores in my area, and I don’t feel like shelling out a big wad of cash for a mouse that could be less fragalicious than the one that I already own.

Any advice welcome 🙂

6 Responses to “Mouse for gamer girls?”

  1. Rambo said

    I get the first post. So I’ll make it a good and relevant one. 🙂

    I once had a mouse. Its name was Itchy. We were the best of friends, and then it died. It was a very sad day. On a completely related note, I think you should let me try out your uber mouse. It might fit snugly in my big man hands.

    If I ever see this intriguing Razor Mouse you speak of, in stores, I’ll notify you immediately of course.

    Also, I’m your biggest fan.

  2. prettypinkninja said

    I’m sorry about Itchy. I’m sure he is in mouse heaven. I had a few hamsters, and I miss them, too 😦

    That sounds like a great plan, maybe it’ll suit you more than me.

    PS Thanks, you are far, far too kind 😀

  3. asd said

    Hi Pinkninja. I use a G3. It’s smaller and works for both right+left handed individuals. It’s an awesome mouse and is light.

  4. prettypinkninja said

    Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  5. ll Starblade ll said

    What’s up PPN? Have you checked your local Best Buy for the Razor products? My Best Buy has a few on display. I would be happy to take comparison pics for you, if it would help.

    p.s. I have big giant man hands and a G5, so I know where you’re coming from…It fits me great:-)

  6. prettypinkninja said

    Hey Starblade 😀 Thanks for the recommendations. I haven’t been in a long time, so I’ll have to go by and check out their inventory!

    ps haha yeah it’s a really good mouse, eh? Just too big for me haha

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