The breakup letter that should never have been written.

April 23, 2008

Prezioso – Voglio vederti danzare ( I want to see you dance)


I found this in one of the comments of the prom posting. I keep going back to it in hopes of finding a sweet update, but at this point I doubt it will happen because the OP wants the whole topic to be buried. I hope that the poor girl isn’t being harassed by any of the Diggers. I still feel that the OP was perhaps pushing her (I’m guessing completely unintentionally) by the Digg “shouts,” and I think going public probably just made things worse. He seems sweet, though, and I’m sure she is also a great girl judging by his efforts, so I’m hoping that they both find wonderful dates to the prom- even if they don’t end up going together.

Anyway, here is the video that was in the comments, “A Dramatic Reading of a Real Breakup Letter”:

I’m really hoping that the writer is still in elementary school, because the letter makes NO sense. There were a few pieces of wisdom, though, and I made sure to take note. For example, I will be sure to heed the chair blocking wisdom for future boyfriends… I find that my german shepherd is also a good judge of character 🙂


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