Musica encora!

April 25, 2008

I usually hate clubbing, but this song makes me feel like going out and dancing !!

This time it’s Polish dance music 🙂

I may or may not have been dancing in my room to this song haha. It’s so easy to dance barefoot, but dancing in heels really kills. I think that women should receive achievements based on the sexiness and height of their heels… I’d imagine that they would be much harder to win than the upcoming medic achievements for TF2.

– Dance 3 hours in 4.5″ stilettos
– Twirl 5 times in a row wearing 5″ heels without falling on your bum
– Go the night wearing heels > 4″ without getting any blisters
– Avoid getting stepped on for a half hour (GRRRR)
– Go the night without getting anything spilled on your pretty shoes

etc. etc.

Must. Dance. ASAP.


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