My radio :)

April 25, 2008

I love finding new music through What is great about it is that it enables you to search for your favourite artists, and listen to their “radio” of similar artists. It’s helped me a lot, for example, in finding new eurodance, and I also found one of my favourite artists, Hit the Lights, as they were listed in my dashboard as being similar to music that I already listen to.

My buddy Greg is a huge audiophile, and if it were not for him and his blog, I probably would never have heard of, which is a really great site that lets you upload your music, so that you can listen to it on any computer. Here is a link to my radio. I chose the majority of the songs based on their major advantage in pwning. Good music can make all the difference in gaming, but it can make scrimming difficult when you really need to be able to hear every single step.

Anyway, please check out Greg’s blog he is awesome 🙂 … and he let me be a gangsta in his movie last summer which was teh 1337ness.


2 Responses to “My radio :)”

  1. Greg said

    Jessica is a sweetheart.

    PS You have your own store? What? Make me a tshirt. haha.

  2. prettypinkninja said

    Tee hee, thanks 🙂 I made it on a whim, but I’d love to make you a tshirt! I’ll have so much time this summer, so just let me know what you’d like.

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