May 4, 2008

Basshunter – Dota

Now I know what a creeper is ! w00t ! I love this song now more than ever.

Yesterday I played Dota for the very first time at a LAN party with some of my old high school friends who are really into rts games. I had a great time learning how to play it, even though I was a complete n00b!!

The first character that I played was Mortred (The Phantom Assassin) , and she has the cool powers of turning invisible and causing earthquakes.

The second character that I played was Vol`Jin (The Witch Doctor), and he can cast spells on other heros to make them continuously lose hp and heal teammates.

I arrived a little bit early to the LAN, so my friend let me play some COD4 on his sick setup. The realism astounded me; what a beautiful game. I played 1v1 against a guy from the LAN who had previously only played against a computer, and somehow I managed to come out on top, even though the game is really nothing like cs:s. I like that there is the option to use sticky bombs like in Goldeneye and in Team Fortress 2.


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