A pleasant surprise

May 17, 2008

I was looking through my screenshots, when I found a random wav file in my steamapps\cstrike folder.

I don’t even know how I downloaded this, but I love it.

Random, but last week I was enjoying some tf2 when I was asked if I was a boy or a girl. I didn’t feel like telling them, so I only told them that I was anything they wanted me to be, and it got to the point where they were speculating that I was using something to alter my voice haha ! It’s hilarious that they were trying to explain the situation is such a complex way, when in fact the answer was very simple.

Oh, my ! To all you doubters- I can’t seem to get the following song out of my head:

A bit of Miley Cyrus is always good to balance out the post-hardcore ! I can’t wait to go danciiiiiing 🙂


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