Advocating for more female characters in video games !

May 18, 2008

Team Fortress 2 is currently my favourite video game, but I find it odd that all 9 character classes are male. Guys tend to be surprised to hear female voices over the mic, and it is greatly due to the fact that there are fewer female players, but I feel that the range of characters also reinforces that. Where is our representation? I have talked about this before with friends, and they asked me which character I wish had been created as a woman.

I have always thought that the heavy would also be pretty kick-ass as a woman, so here is my interpretation:

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My Sources:
Gave me a kick in the pants so to speak – motivation πŸ™‚


8 Responses to “Advocating for more female characters in video games !”

  1. Rambo said

    Wow, that’s so hot. haha
    Funny you should mention this. I was hoping to one day figure out how to create skins, so that I might make the sniper into a Pink NINJA. πŸ˜€

    Speaking of which, I broke my promise to be finished this week. 😦

  2. jetgirl said

    haha!, sorry I axed your comment I thought it was spam on accident /fail

  3. prettypinkninja said

    No worries, I hadn’t actually noticed !

    Rambo –

    haha, thanks ! Please don’t feel like you have to rush with the image, because there is no need to hurry.

  4. fragwagon said


  5. prettypinkninja said

    hehe thanks !

  6. Johnny said

    There’s a PS2 fighter named Arcana Heart. It’s features a female-only cast.

  7. Carl Carlson said

    HAHAHAHAH I love how Johny posts an all female cast game, where the cast is made up of asian women from age 14-17

  8. prettypinkninja said

    LMAO Carl, good observations πŸ™‚

    The majority of them also seem border-line anorexic, and there seems to be a huge focus on weight.

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