What kind of medic are you?

May 27, 2008

I was reading a blog post called The Medic Dichotomy that got me thinking about the various ways of playing medic.

One can be the type to heal anyone that required assistance, or there is also the typical medic that only heals one person in particular- usually a heavy.

Personally, I find healing various players to be the most fun when playing medics, but it isn’t the best way of gaining points. The best thing you can do for points is to choose a really high scoring person playing offense and follow them around the map pushing ahead to help the players behind you. I find this can get to be really boring after awhile, but it’s fun to play this way when you have a friend in the server.

Some screenshots- click for the bigger versions:

Me & my medic, Kupula

Some appreciation from a pyro that I stuck with


3 Responses to “What kind of medic are you?”

  1. fragwagon said

    I saw a comment somewhere on a forum that said playing Medic should be like a good waitress. Think of your team like tables, with varying levels of coffee in their coffee cups. So you go around, filling them up.


    Well, anyway that’s what I tries ta do. Then I usually stick with a Pyro when I’m 100%. Or a Soldier or Demo that I trust.

  2. prettypinkninja said

    Hahaha, thanks, I really enjoyed reading that analogy 🙂 I can totally visualize it.

    I like sticking with pyros, too 🙂 It’s pretty easy for them to do a lot of damage unless there are tons of sentries pushing them back.

  3. Deadeight said

    I’m really not a fan of healing pyros personally. Of course, i’ll heal them up when they run back on low health, but if im going to stick healing someone a good demo is best, or a good heavy if im feeling lazy or no other medic is healing the pushing heavy.

    Pyro’s need to be up there running amongst their lines, if they’re not they’re not doing their job properly imo. Often it’s a suicide mission but the confusion it causes (as well as considerable damage) can push them back. Especially when timed with a decent push just after by everyone else..

    If you run around amongst the enemy as a medic you’ll die so quick. Especially in 6v6 where you have one uber its irresponsible, a medic will die so quick.

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