Looking for a tf2 clan !

June 8, 2008

I’m looking for a team that plays competitively and practices a few times a week. I’d like to join a team full of positive people, that are looking to win but also have fun.

I am a pretty good medic and a decent sniper, and I would love to learn new strats.

If anyone knows of an established team that would let me try-out, please let me know đŸ™‚ Thanks ! I can be contacted on steam (and you can also check out my stats with that link).


4 Responses to “Looking for a tf2 clan !”

  1. fragwagon said

    The |K}{R| guys are good folk. They often play on the FNF servers. I’ll ask ’em what one must do to try out.

    I think they even have a Canadian or two.

  2. Alex / Lopert said

    Join TNR, exclusively Canadian, and really good.
    I’m hoping to get on with them, as they are probably re-recruiting and also going to create a 2nd, less competitive team.

  3. prettypinkninja said

    Thanks for the suggestions !

    I have scrimmed recently with a team that I like, but I’m always looking to see which team I can gel the best with.

  4. Coolraul said

    Hey pinkninja, I added you to steam friends and hope to speak to you. We are an actively recruiting team some of us who have been playing together for 7 years. Our team has two sides really one more match play and one a fun hang out and chill side so I am sure we can find something to suit your tastes. While not all Canadian about 25 percent is from Canada including me, the leader.

    Not that this is the only draw but one of the people who has played with us for years is a girl and we were just talking the other day about why we don’t see more girls trying out. Email me or get me on steam. Our site is http://www.eflclan.com.

    Whatever you decide. Good luck.

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