“Fanboy” makes it to the Webster dictionary

July 12, 2008

The word “fanboy” is now officially listed in the Webster dictionary. It’s interesting to see how gaming vocabulary is becoming more and more mainstream.

I wonder if the lack of the word “fangirl” makes us females exempt from such fanaticism! Haha nah, I am definitely an Apple, tf2, and css fangirl!


One Response to ““Fanboy” makes it to the Webster dictionary”

  1. Pad See Ew said

    I keep using fragwagon in reference to “gaming rig” and hoping that will catch on. I think I need to be cooler and more influential for that, however.

    I’m not sure if he heard it somewhere else, but my buddy Bat21 (FNF server owner) used it to describe my rig once and I loved it. I LOL’ed. Srsly.

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