TF2 Italian Vocabulary – Magic Cards

July 23, 2008

Casbros from the Italian clan n!Gage created some very cool TF2 style Magic cards. I find them extremely helpful in learning my Italian TF2 vocabulary 🙂 For example, I had no idea that the heavy was called “il grosso,” but it makes SO much sense now.

3 Responses to “TF2 Italian Vocabulary – Magic Cards”

  1. melanko said

    That’s pretty funny. I like Il Pyro.

  2. Matt said

    Randomly found this page when i typed in team fortress 2, then some other stuff. on google
    How good are you at TF2 then?
    Add me on steam if you want: my ID is

  3. Alex / Lopert said

    Haha, I’m still going on “SPIA PIRO!”

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