Upcoming “Pretty in Pink,” “Mean Girls”, and “Clueless” Video Games

July 24, 2008

Paramount is creating these games to appeal to gamer girls, because statistically women prefer casual games.

I don’t understand why, though, that the games have to be so cheesy. I cringe whenever I go to EB Games and see games for girls where the main challenge is choosing a pretty outfit. Why do women need their own video games, anyway? Video game companies are implying that the current selection is only available to men, which is clearly false.

The best day of my life was the day that I beat Bowser in Super Mario. Even my 8 year old self would not be impressed with these fluff games.

Is it merely a cash grab? Do they really think that women only like games with frills, lollipops, and rainbows?

I say have the best of both worlds- I go by pretty in pink or pinkNINJA whilst I’m sniping someone right in the face.

“Thanks fer standin’ still, wanker!”


4 Responses to “Upcoming “Pretty in Pink,” “Mean Girls”, and “Clueless” Video Games”

  1. Casbros said

    what they call “women” for their games, in Italy we call’em “oche”(geese, like the bird.), brainless women alla body and no head.

  2. Zivenox said

    Alright listen girly…ill take you on 1v1 sniper anytime anywhere!

    As for the games “made for girls” they are pretty cheesy…and downright horrible. They could AT LEAST make them nice looking…at the very least

  3. aSydiK said

    Women that can ACTUALLY play REAL video games are just impressive. It is right now a male dominated gaming world but these fluff games are doing just the opposite of integrating women into this world.

    Also, have you been working on your sniping? I’m kind of curious to watch you snipe again.

  4. prettypinkninja said

    Casbros: haha I like that name, here we have a similar expression- “birdbrain” 🙂

    sSydik & Zivenox:

    I’ve been playing medic so often lately, that I’m not sure if I’d be good at sniper haha ! But I’d love to practice sniping with you guys- just please don’t judge 🙂

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