Games vs. Girls

August 5, 2008

This feature article on games radar debates whether games or girls are better. It is also chalk full of good advice for guys, such as “the globe is dripping with girls. And if you can’t get one there’s something wrong with you. It’s your fault. Yes it is. Make changes loser.”

Is it sexist? Yes. Is it funny? Yes. Does it use big words such as “qualityness”? YES.

Does the writer take credit? No. Guess he knows that his name would get googled and that he would never get any.

I enjoy reading silly generalizations- a version made by girls, for ex. would be the facebook group “The only thing a girl should chase is her vodka” but not putting your name next to your opinion is pretty lame! Come on guy!

Chhhheck it out (NSFW + not for kids)

2 Responses to “Games vs. Girls”

  1. GR writer said

    Hey. Saw your comment. Thanks for the love! There’s no byline because three people worked on it and we felt it was representive of our site as a whole. No one person is taking credit. Same as newspapers – written by Staff or AP. No one’s hiding behind anything. Just sharing the love. Cheers and keep reading!

  2. prettypinkninja said

    Fair enough! Thanks for commenting here 🙂

    Let me know if you ever decide to write a Games vs. Guys article; I would love to help out with that one haha

    Cheers! I’ll definitely keep reading 🙂

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