Badwater Basin: new tf2 map

August 14, 2008

I am really excited about the third update of the week! I really love Payload maps, as I find they encourage more teamwork, so Badwater Basin should be siiiick. I have a feeling that a lot of mixups, though, will probably ensue, as the name is so similar to Badlands.

I am glad to read that the map really takes advantage of the sky and vertical space- I will have to practice my rocket jumping 🙂

The TF2 blog also says that:

“Unlike Gold Rush, where the track is split into three separate stages, Badwater Basin uses a single large stage with several checkpoints.”

I hope that it won’t take ages for a heavy to get across the map! Thank goodness for engineers 🙂

TF2 Blog: Badwater Basin Update

Update: I learned that Badwater is an actual place in California thanks to Wikipedia, and from the looks of it– it is a beautiful place


2 Responses to “Badwater Basin: new tf2 map”

  1. Rob said

    Next week is going to be awesome, assuming I can find time to play with [meow]. Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to have fun scouting this map. BONK!

    If you take a close look at the screenie, there’s a poor excuse for a spy that’s about to ripped apart by the sentry.

  2. fragwagon said

    Nice to see the real Badwater – good find!

    I was much more negative in my assessment of the map. Which I haven’t played yet, yes I know that. I am becoming what I hate! lol.

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