Natascha: new unlockable heavy gun

August 15, 2008

Poor Sasha has been replaced with a new and improved model!

This new gun does less damage than Sasha, but it has the power to slow down enemies in their tracks. The TF2 blog says that they will slow down for an instant; I’m curious to see how long it actually feels when you are stuck facing il grosso as my favourite Italians would say 🙂

TF2 Blog: Natascha Update

I must add that I really love the sense of humour infused into everything that is TF2. GJ !


2 Responses to “Natascha: new unlockable heavy gun”

  1. S. M. said

    People are actually complaining about the fact that each burst does about 40 damage instead of 50.

  2. Play Syndicate said

    Minigun madness…! *thumbs up!*

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