Sandvich – New heavy unlockable/update

August 19, 2008

Once you earn the Sandvich you can spend 4 seconds eating it to restore 125 hp. This is a great way to give heavies some independance from medics, but the catch is that heavies are completely vulnerable during the 4 seconds, and they must forgo the use of their shotgun in order to have access to the Sandvich.

I can see this being a great tool in maps with chokepoints like ctf_2fort, but I see it as being pretty useless on cp_dustbowl, for example, where everything is a lot more out in the open.

Heavy Sandvich Info + Video


3 Responses to “Sandvich – New heavy unlockable/update”

  1. Rob said

    I guess this is what Valve decided on to make the Heavy effective without a medic without making him too effective with a medic, maybe?

  2. Rambo said

    I dunno. This seems pretty broken. πŸ˜€

  3. prettypinkninja said

    Rob: yeah, I definitely think that’s what they were going for. It used to suck playing heavy when you weren’t getting any heals; the heavy is a real sitting duck due to his size.

    Rambo: How do you mean? ps nomnomnomnomnom πŸ™‚

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