MacBook Pro – Microphone Troubles

August 29, 2008

I have such an itch to get into Pwnage.TV commentating, but I have been having mic troubles with my MacBook Pro. All this time I have been using my built-in, and it has really been picking up the sound of my fans, so I decided that it was time to buy myself a headset!

I was really excited to get my new Plantronics 365 in the mail; the sound is so crisp, and I had previously been using an 8 year old pair of Sony headphones that only had sound in one ear with my built-in mic! I am really glad that Kilat recommended me this model. Imagine trying to figure out where someone’s footsteps are coming from in CS when you can only hear through one ear… it was pretty lame!

Somehow, though, the recording quality didn’t seem to change, and luckily Moeb, another mbp owner, was able to tell me what the problem was. My hardware knowledge isn’t the strongest, but what I understand is that my mic doesn’t have sufficient output to connect to the audio port.

The solution to fixing the problem is either buying

1) a usb headset

2) a flippin’ expensive headset with good output or

3) an iMic.

Since my Plantronics have been serving me well I decided to buy an iMic from NCIX, which is a usb audio adapter. It was a bit pricy, but I am hoping that it will do the trick, and that I will soon get to help out with the TF2 Casting. Wish me good luck šŸ™‚

Newest update: I ended up finding the iMic at a local store, and now my headset and everything works like a charm! w00t!!!

Update: I haven’t received my iMic yet, and I called NCIX and the maker of the iMic, Griffin, and I learned that they will not be shipping them out until the beginning of October at the very earliest, so you may have to go another route if you are in a rush…

Apple Support: How to connect an external microphone


3 Responses to “MacBook Pro – Microphone Troubles”

  1. Rob said

    Losing sound in one channel is fairly common for headphones that get a lot of use/abuse. The plus sides is that is usually a relatively easy fix with some solder and a replacement plug. If you’re going to get rid of the old pair or if you want them fixed, let me know and I might be able to help out.

  2. Newt Pulsifer said

    I miss your shout outs!
    Wish you luck with the plug replacement šŸ™‚

  3. prettypinkninja said

    Rob: Thanks! The Sony pair was really cheap, but I do have a nicer pair that I wouldn’t mind getting fixed (same problem) ^^

    Newt: w00t I hope it works, thanks so much !

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