RL medic visit

September 30, 2008

Today I visited a medic IRL and got my tonsils taken out. I am enjoying having an excuse to eat lots of ice cream and gelato, so it hasn’t been so bad, but I’m looking forward to regaining all my HP ^^

Unfortunately, Pwnage.TV will be shutting down its operations. I’m sad to see such a great organization cease to exist, so I’m hoping that it will at least be acquired by another company.

It is kind of ironic that my iMic finally made it to my local Mac shop, The Mac Group, this past Saturday. I am fully able to take advantage of my headset now, but I have nowhere to shoutcast. I would really love to get back into tf2 casting, but I’m not sure where to begin.

Ben E. King VS. Sean Kingston – Stand By Me Beautiful Girl

A song that makes me want to dance ^^

News has it that Valve will begin hosting Synergy, Age of Chivalry, D.I.P.R.I.P., Zombie Panic, and Insurgency, and they will be providing automatic updates to boot!

My friends Fayth and Lopert will certainly be pleased to see one of their favourite mods, Synergy, on the list ^^

Joystiq: Valve hosting Source engine mods beginning next week

Click the image for the original (more legible) version ^^

I ❤ Penny Arcade