Computer Issues – Windows & Boot Camp

September 8, 2008

It is nice to be able to game again!

My Windows went out of commission last week for some reason that I will probably never understand.  My drivers must have gotten corrupted, because I was unable to login to Windows.  I could get to the login screen, but none of my inputs were working.  Repairing the OS was fail, so the only real choice ended up being a complete reinstall of Windows.

In order to use Boot Camp once again to reinstall Windows I had to upgrade Tiger to Leopard, as the Boot Camp beta had ended quite awhile back.  I deleted the Windows partition, and was about to create a new one when I started getting a strange error.

“Disk cannot be partitioned because verification failed. Use disk utility to repair”

I searched the internetz to see what the options were, because I really hoped that I could get away without having to re-install the Mac OS, and there were some posts that claimed to know how to fix it, but none of the suggestions worked.  I eventually read somewhere that the error came about due to the fact that the HD needed to be defragmented, so it was the only real option.

I ended up having to defrag the entire HD, and re-install the Mac OS and then partition the HD and install Windows afterwards.  Luckily I went out and bought an external HD, which made the whole backing up process a lot easier.

It was all very time consuming, but in the end I am happy, because I now have a bigger Windows partition, which means room for great games like Bioshock!


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