Sniper Updates Revealed?

September 9, 2008

Update: Totally fake! Still fun to read, though ^^ 

The following is an alleged image of the upcoming sniper updates. I’m not sure if it is real at this point, but if it isn’t, then whoever created it sure went to a lot of trouble to make it look real.

Alleged unlockable weapons:

– Steyr Scout

– Roo Blunderbuss

– The Boomerang’s original post & props to the n!Gage clan forums where I first saw the link ^^


8 Responses to “Sniper Updates Revealed?”

  1. Rob said

    My guess is that it’s a fake. I don’t think that TF2 will include CS maps and guns but hey, I’ve been wrong before. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  2. prettypinkninja said

    Good point. I just noticed that their spelling of “Counter-Strike” was pretty atrocious, too…

    (+ the Croc Dundee achievement is a picture rather than an illustration…)

    I’ll stop thar haha

  3. madlep said

    Yeah, fake. Check the last line in it.
    Someone called Sliferjam put it together.

  4. prettypinkninja said

    Thanks for the update ^^

  5. optik said

    These achievements are pretty impossible. Can you imagine having to do those achievements? jump non stop? chat the whole time? i cant believe that sorry. but good point on the small sentence on the bottom.

  6. ravious said

    Some achievements were really good. Like backstabbing a spy, and I like the Be Polite and Be Effecient achievements.

    However, the Stalker-esque achievements are just stupid. I can barely think of a time when an enemy has remained in my sights for 30 seconds. Even if I don’t shoot a teammate will take them out or they turn a corner.

  7. Newt Pulsifer said

    Also from Ubercharged, spy update:

    I think it is more ‘deceiving’ than the Sniper one 😛

  8. Casbros said

    spy one was the first to come out, it fooled a lot of people

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