No TF2 updates until next year :(

October 16, 2008

The TF2 team has been busy working on Left 4 Dead, so we won’t be seeing anything new until the New Year.

I anticipate that this game will be pretty amazing, so hopefully the lack of TF2 updates won’t be so painful haha. If you pre-order Left 4 Dead right now then you will get $5 off, so don’t miss out if you plan on buying it, anyway ! You know that it will be featured at all of the best LAN parties… ^^ I plan on buying it just so that I’m not playing TF2 all by my lonesome haha.

I feel like this song would be good to play in the background when playing Left 4 Dead… I saw this group (Infected Mushroom) last summer, and they were amazing.

Shack News: No Team Fortress 2 Updates Until Next Year

One Response to “No TF2 updates until next year :(”

  1. Mehar Gill said

    Zombies + 4 = sweet! Now I just need to choose between the Xbox 360 or PC versions of the game.

    The TF2 thing shouldn’t be so bad, it seems to have a good enough following for it to avoid a drop anytime soon. Warcraft 2 is a prime example, logged on a few days ago and their were just over 50K users online at the same time.

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