TF2 Highlander

October 23, 2008

What is Highlander, anyway? It is competition at its finest- 9v9 matches of TF2 where each person must play a different class.

I play as a part of “Stacked Team” in TWL. I am so happy that I finally got to play my first match last Sunday. Highlander hasn’t gotten very big in North America, so you have to challenge teams in order to schedule matches.

It is a lot more fun to play in this league, because it is far less serious than a real match, and has more teamwork than your average pub. It is really hilarious to see so many people running around in a match! It’s a bit tough trying to buff everyone up before heading outside the gates, but I felt a lot safer playing medic with the amount of people around me, and having a lot of people that I could run to.

I’m excited to play more Highlander matches! Europe really knows where it’s at; it is all the rage over there. Let’s get some more teams started here; the more competition, the better!

Match tonight, w00t!

Coheed and Cambria:


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