Cute Comic: Cyanide and Happiness

October 25, 2008

This made me smile ^^

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Edit: Thanks to Newt for noticing that the pic from the comic didn’t include everything! It is all here now- but check out the link for the comic in its full glory.


7 Responses to “Cute Comic: Cyanide and Happiness”

  1. Newt Pulsifer said

    hehe, cute!
    For those who missed it, the strip is 2×3… but wordpress is only showing it 2×2 (at least here, and in firefox), so make sure you click the link!
    Cheers \o

  2. prettypinkninja said

    Thanks a lot Newt! Yeah, I don’t know why the whole comic didn’t show ><

  3. Greg C. said

    That is actually hilarious. Btw, you are now added on the link list on my blog. So expect the traffic on your blog to explode.

  4. prettypinkninja said

    w00t thanks for the link, Greg ❤

  5. Not Greg? said

    ALSO – I still owe you the Skulls 3 videos. I haven’t had the chance to re-up them yet cuz i’m MADZ buZEEZ but I’ll let you know when I do it.

  6. prettypinkninja said

    Haha “Not Greg?” ^^ Thanks, that would be awesome! but yeah- no rush.

    How was the concert? It’s too bad that you couldn’t make it to the pub night, but you will definitely be invited to the next one!

  7. DewNestry said

    I’m a bit late, but… loved it.

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