TF2 Soldier Frag Vid – Beh

October 30, 2008

I noticed this video posted in the GotFrag TF2 thread. The OP says that the soldier, Beh, plays for one of the top Brazilian teams, hardcore. I really enjoyed watching this video, because Beh is x100 better than me at playing soldier, and it is cool watching his fluent movements. It is certainly something to aspire to ^^

Check it out:

GotFrag Forums: Post + Video Download


2 Responses to “TF2 Soldier Frag Vid – Beh”

  1. Newt Pulsifer said

    Nice frag video 🙂
    Some wicked airshots there!
    His team is made basically of “old-schooled” tfc players. They are, on average, pretty good 🙂

    Maybe you’ve already seen it, but this reptile fragvid is one also 1337 😀 (even tough most of it is on pub, with crits and all..)

  2. prettypinkninja said

    Cool, you sure know a lot about various team!

    Yep, that frag vid is definitely a classic; it seems like all soldier frag vids are inspired by it these days.

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