“Steam Cloud Rolling in this Week”

November 3, 2008

Steam Cloud is being introduced this November with Left4Dead, and I am pretty excited about it! I think it’s a great step to having game stats being stored safely online. I feel like this will make things so much more efficient when reformatting. It will also give me peace of mind to know that my settings and screenshots will all be saved in the Steam Cloud, and that I will not necessarily have to back them up myself all of the time (although it would probably still be a good idea- just in case!). Re-downloading and re-installing configs can be a pain, so this will make the whole process a lot easier.

One thing that I am curious about is to what the space limits will be for the Steam Cloud. I am guessing that it will not store demos, which can take up huge amounts of space. The news release states that the service will be free, so it is a relief to see that they aren’t looking to charge their users for storage space- at least not at this point in time.

From Steam News:

Steam Cloud support will ship with Valve’s Left 4 Dead demo later this week and the full game on November 18. In this first release, the information stored and accessible through the Steam Cloud includes keyboard, mouse, and gamepad configurations, as well as multiplayer settings such as spraypaint images.

The Steam Cloud will “just work,” meaning any user changes to their game options will propagate to the Cloud by default. Upon logging into Steam from another PC, these settings will be brought down from the Cloud and automatically leveraged by the game. Any configuration changes on this second machine are then synced to the Cloud for future sessions.

Steam News: Steam Cloud Rolling in This Week

(What a clever title!)


5 Responses to ““Steam Cloud Rolling in this Week””

  1. Rob said

    Hey, I’m going to be a jerk and point out the problems that I see with Steam Cloud (even though I’m pretty sure I’m looking forward to it, too).
    Mostly, I’m concerned about video settings being saved. If I play on a couple different computers that have different capabilities, will I have to change the settings every time I switch computers so that I can get a decent frame rate and graphics? I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.
    Another possible concern is privacy issues. Valve is now storing more user data. I don’t think that there is an actual problem here though; they already have our names, email addresses, credit card numbers, home address and usage statistics. I don’t think storing game saves and config files is going to be much of a concern.

  2. prettypinkninja said

    You make some really valid points. I, too, hope that they are keeping our financial info safe, but I wouldn’t be TOO concerned if my screenshots got leaked. I’m sure pro gamers, though, would want to have some assurance that their demos and whatnot are private, that is assuming that demos are involved in Steam Cloud.

    I think the challenge you mention could be fixed if they allow multiple user profiles for settings. I wonder, though, what the statistics are for people gaming on multiple computers. I used to switch back and forth before a bit between my brother’s pc and my mac, but it feels much better to stick to one computer for gaming.

    Also, a lot of schools have Steam blocked through proxies, so it is impossible to play anywhere but home. I suppose we’ll see what the demand is once the feature is implemented!

  3. N!gage Johnny said

    I’m pretty sure I’m looking forward to it, too
    and evry one say l4d l4d xD XD

  4. Newt Pulsifer said

    That’s a neat feature.
    Having my save games and binds/macros stored online is enough. I don’t really mind changing video/audio settings every time 😛

  5. Mehar Gill said

    This is pretty cool! I said this when Steam launched and I will say it again “What happens if the server shuts down?”. ALTHOUGH, the Steam service has done well so it should be of little worry.

    I’m actually beta testing a similar system with Microsoft. The Microsoft system is more business oriented but games also work (Imagine streaming a game from your home PC to work!). No word on it being integrated with the Xbox family/GFW but it would be a welcome addition! 🙂

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