National Geographic to create video games

November 19, 2008

National Geographic will start creating games to promote “geographic knowledge,” and I am curious to play the games if merely for the visuals, as the magazine’s photographs are always stunning.

It would be interesting if one could actually learn say how to navigate a foreign city through playing one of these games. Memorizing maps such as De_dust2 or a map on a broader scale (such as any of the ones from the Zelda games) is just something that gamers do; to be able to use this knowledge IRL would be fantastic.



One Response to “National Geographic to create video games”

  1. Carl Carlson said

    Geography games! nice.. I tend to doubt it will model real world stuff though. Most work I’ve ever heard done with that is the spider-man games, where they’ve modeled new york in it’s entirety. I’m betting the games will be closer to the maze game from Encarta 97 (if anyone remembers that). Which i’m not saying is a bad thing, i just doubt it’ll be the “run around a correctly mapped city” sort of game.
    PS Weird coincidence i just found a geography game

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