New Gmail Themes

November 21, 2008

I noticed last night around 10pm that the colours in my Gmail inbox had changed to shades of blue rather than the usual blue-green mix. When I went to inspect this further I learned that Gmail had released new themes! If you enjoy the old version, all you have to do is select “classic”, but there are many new fun types of fun themes to try ^^

My friend uses the “ocean” theme, because she would live on the beach if she could, and has a tan that lasts all year. It is a really pretty theme, and what is cool is that you can input your location, and the darkness/lightness of the theme changes accordingly to the time it is in that particular location.

I am currently using the “candy” theme, because it is absolutely adorable, but I may revert back to the classic theme soon, because I find the text easier to read in that particular theme.

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Screenshot taken from-> bitchbuzz: What Do You Think of Gmail’s New Themes?

National Geographic will start creating games to promote “geographic knowledge,” and I am curious to play the games if merely for the visuals, as the magazine’s photographs are always stunning.

It would be interesting if one could actually learn say how to navigate a foreign city through playing one of these games. Memorizing maps such as De_dust2 or a map on a broader scale (such as any of the ones from the Zelda games) is just something that gamers do; to be able to use this knowledge IRL would be fantastic.


Left 4 Dead has already been modded to allow gameplay on TF2 maps!

Who would have thought that Dustbowl could look so spooky and creepy?!

Kotaku: Play Left 4 Dead on Team Fortress 2 Maps