“50 Skills Every Geek Should Have”

December 9, 2008

Having geek cred is important. In fact, I’m working on getting better at reading binary, so I can buy myself one of those nifty binary clocks someday.

If you’re like me, and perhaps a bit of an extremist in your love for and determination in all things geekiness, than you should read this article. It covers everything from creating animated sprays, the quickest way to speak to actual people when calling customer service, stream your movies to any TV in the house, and how to build your own computer.


3 Responses to ““50 Skills Every Geek Should Have””

  1. Greg said

    Oh god. It’s true. I am a geek. 😦

  2. Mehar Gill said

    “Get Through to Executive Customer Service”

    I’m good that that 🙂 Hint: Remember kids, the higher up the chain you go and the more pissed you get the more free stuff they give ya!

    Next week’s lecture includes: Seeing the doctor before all those other people in the emergency room! 😉 (Considering the inevitable privatization in most parts of Canada, that’s gonna come in real handy to many, including our American comrades across the border! :))

  3. prettypinkninja said

    It’s ok, Greg. Geeks are sexay. ❤

    Haha I am excited to read this article that you’re planning to write ^^

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