First Left 4 Dead League : UGC L4D

December 10, 2008

The first Left 4 Dead league has already opened its doors by UGC, known for its alternative gaming leagues such as 7v7 TF2. I think it’s great that a league has already been started for it, because it will make it easier for LAN parties to have Left 4 Dead tournaments in the future by using these rules that have already been established.

My 7v7 TF2 team, Stacked Team, will also be competing in L4D, so I was automatically added to the roster. I had a bit of a chuckle when I saw myself on there today, but I really doubt that I will ever play because L4D will only ever be 4v4, as my roster is quite huge.

UGC: Left 4 Dead League

Edit: Ventrilo is allowed, thank goodness! Click here to read the L4D rules

3 Responses to “First Left 4 Dead League : UGC L4D”

  1. I think some of the iO L4D guys (including myself) might get in on this. But I cant seem to find a good reason as to why ventrilo use is banned? :(.

    But good luck to your team in both TF2 and L4D!


  2. Fornaught said

    I use Ventrilo in every match in the UGC I have played, and have done so for a long time – it’s never been banned 😉

  3. prettypinkninja said

    Thanks, ReD! Good luck to you, too ^^ I only play Highlander these days for the lulz… you guys should sign up!

    Thanks for the update, Fornaught! I wasn’t able to find the rules yesterday, so I just wrote what I had heard from some friends, but I’ll update my post now. I see that you’re a UGC admin ^^

    Here are the rules in case anyone else would like to take a peek (it took me quite awhile to find them):

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