The Office: Christmas Party

December 11, 2008

Did anyone else happen to catch tonight’s episode of The Office? I was practically peeing my pants, because it was so funny. My favourite part was when Michael fails at signing up Meredith for rehab, because he learns that he needs her permission, so he decides that he will “help” her hit rock bottom, so that she will eventually bring herself there. Oh my… ❤

Click here to watch the episode on youtube…

A song that I am currently playing on repeat:
Eiffel 65 – Cosa Restera (What Remains)

Eiffel 65 was responsible for that song “blue” back in the day, but they are still big in Italy and in the europop scene. This song is so catchy ^^ (Some of the lyrics are in english).


2 Responses to “The Office: Christmas Party”

  1. Carl Carlson said

    I’m gonna say one of my fav parts was the epic prank at the beginning, I really didn’t see it coming.

    Also completely random but I found this a few days ago, Blue cover = way better than original 😛

  2. prettypinkninja said

    Yeah, I’m glad to see Jim pranking Dwight again!! Too funny ^^

    ps that video is REALLY creepy haha

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