New TF2 updates – upgrades to items for engie + more info for medics

December 18, 2008

Sorry, I’m a bit late, because I was MIA last week for exams, but I felt like I should mention these new updates, because they are pure AWESOME.

It’s clear that Valve has been paying attention to what people want, as they added the possibility for upgrades to dispensers and teleporters; the upgrades for these items work the same as they do with sentries- just add more metal ^^. The advantage is that with each upgrade the dispensers will heal faster, and the cooldown period will be shorter between each teleporter use.

There were also updates to the HUD; now when medics are being called they will be able to see the approximate level of health that the player is at. If they are really low, then the bubble will appear in red. I think this will be very useful, as there are people in pubs that use scripts to constantly call medics, because they like to be boosted all of the time at the expense of their teammates (and the annoyance of their medic haha).

Screenshot of a level 2 teleporter exit:

Screenshot of a level 3 dispenser:

Screenshot of my clan member being entirely inappropriate before a scrim (LOL):

1) I use Boodah’s config, so the screenshots are super ugly
2) Don’t use a foreign language as your default language when learning a new game like Left 4 Dead… it’s HELLA confusing!
3) Click for the larger versions



3 Responses to “New TF2 updates – upgrades to items for engie + more info for medics”

  1. Greg said

    Dragon Ball Z foreplay?? YES! hahaha.

    Also, you will be very proud of me.

    I just bought L4D for XBOX, and it is ridiculous. I find myself screaming like a little girl every 3 seconds.

    NOW WHO IS 1337?? ME. ME IS 1337!!!

  2. Most notably the spy change is the most AWESOME! You didn’t mention it, which makes me cry.

    Anyway, good to see some more TF2 news ;]

    And those shots are really strange looking, why would you play that way? =P

    PS.: Badwater Basin is awesome!

  3. prettypinkninja said

    I am SO proud of you, Greg 🙂 I only wish that we could be killing zombies together! That is pure awesome, though. hehe! w00t

    You are correct- I definitely forgot to mention the spy update, so thanks 🙂 Hopefully it will make the classes a bit fairer, but as a medic, I have to say that I am not TOO pleased with this update haha.

    The reason that I play that way is that it gives me really awesome fps; before I was playing with 12 fps, and it was really awful.

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