pinkNINJA in France (soon) !

December 22, 2008

Since last June I have been pubbing it up at an awesome Italian server, n!Gage, and I’m excited to now be a part of their clan! I will be heading over to France mid-January to do an exchange, so I am happy to have a European clan to be a part of ^^ I see it also as an opportunity to practice my Italian. I think it is really cute that a lot of the Italian players call me “pinkina” hehe.

I will definitely miss my clan, LeClan, but I’m glad that all of us compete in Highlander together. I swear if there was a title in CEVO for the most forfeit wins, then we would have been champions.

We played a Highlander match last night at 10pm versus StompFest 1, and it went all the way to 11:45pm! It was a really close match, and we had to play 2 overtime rounds to finally win it, but I am proud to say that we are still at the top of the Highlander ladder. It went later than it should have due to the difficulty we were having in getting a server.

Some screenshots (click for larger versions):

A stalemate from the 3rd round (I have never seen a stalemate in a match before!)

A laugh before the second round started…

Should I say “I have returned” from now on? 😉

The last image led to some assumptions…

I also found this older image from a 7v7 match that Stacked Team played in a couple of months ago. Way too many people showed up that night to play this match- we probably had 10 or 11 people, and the other team was getting annoyed with our surplus of players…

I had a bit of fun with them over all-talk mic by pretending that we were confused and had thought it was 9v9 Highlander… some of my teammates carried on, and lulz ensued!


3 Responses to “pinkNINJA in France (soon) !”

  1. prettypinkninja said

    lol epic spying

  2. Great job, you guys are real awesome in the Highlander game!

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