A Festivus for the rest of us

December 23, 2008

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today ^^

If anyone is unfamiliar with Festivus (its origins stem from an episode of Seinfeld), then please read the following entry copied from Urbandictionary:

n. An alternative to the crass commercialization of Christmas, typically celebrated on December 23. It involves The Airing of Grievances (telling your family and friends all the ways they have disappointed you during the year) and does not end until the Feats of Strength (pinning the head of the family) are accomplished. A plain, metal pole is used in lieu of a Christmas tree, because decorations (such as tinsel) is distracting from the true meaning of the holiday.

A Festivus for the rest of us! -George Costanza

Urbandictionary: Festivus

pinkNINJA in France (soon) !

December 22, 2008

Since last June I have been pubbing it up at an awesome Italian server, n!Gage, and I’m excited to now be a part of their clan! I will be heading over to France mid-January to do an exchange, so I am happy to have a European clan to be a part of ^^ I see it also as an opportunity to practice my Italian. I think it is really cute that a lot of the Italian players call me “pinkina” hehe.

I will definitely miss my clan, LeClan, but I’m glad that all of us compete in Highlander together. I swear if there was a title in CEVO for the most forfeit wins, then we would have been champions.

We played a Highlander match last night at 10pm versus StompFest 1, and it went all the way to 11:45pm! It was a really close match, and we had to play 2 overtime rounds to finally win it, but I am proud to say that we are still at the top of the Highlander ladder. It went later than it should have due to the difficulty we were having in getting a server.

Some screenshots (click for larger versions):

A stalemate from the 3rd round (I have never seen a stalemate in a match before!)

A laugh before the second round started…

Should I say “I have returned” from now on? 😉

The last image led to some assumptions…

I also found this older image from a 7v7 match that Stacked Team played in a couple of months ago. Way too many people showed up that night to play this match- we probably had 10 or 11 people, and the other team was getting annoyed with our surplus of players…

I had a bit of fun with them over all-talk mic by pretending that we were confused and had thought it was 9v9 Highlander… some of my teammates carried on, and lulz ensued!

Why not start the day with a LOLcat… or two? Especially a gaming LOLcat !

Hope everyone’s shopping is going well. Where I live a transit strike has been going on for roughly the past 2 weeks… luckily I ordered some gifts online for my family at the beginning of the month, but I am so behind on my shopping due to the lack of transit! Ahhhh hehe