Frag Movie

January 9, 2009

Frag Movie was first screened in April, 2008, and it documents the journey that many people take in becoming pro gamers. I was personally always intrigued as to how people were able to support themselves on such a career, where only the best see any money.

The film outlines the basics of this, including the necessity of finding sponsors and attending big tournaments, which are also sponsored. You really get to see the nasty underbelly of pro gaming, and how kids are signing contracts without any business savvy, and many end up getting taken of by big sponsors who are essentially holding them hostage while they await the funds they need for food and shelter.

The documentary features many pro gamers including Rafik “LoSt-CaUzE” Bryant and Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. It is interesting to hear about how they got into pro gaming, and had to struggle against their parents’ will in order to accomplish and achieve their dreams. For those big into TF2- you will see a short clip of iDemise’s Carnage somewhere in there, too, from 2005. I laughed so hard, as soon as I recognized him, and the clip itself is INSANELY hilarious- I will say no further to spoil it ^^

The trailer:

Frag Movie Website

2 Responses to “Frag Movie”

  1. Angel Muñiz said

    Is Carnage, my hero personally, one of the girls dancing in the hot tub?

  2. prettypinkninja said

    I decided to let your comment go through, because, it is funny ^^ but I should let you know that the real Angel spells his last name with an “o”. (Stealing identities on the interwebz is not cool)

    LOL Carnage was definitely not one of the girls dancing in the hot tub, but I’m sure he had a bunch of girls dancing on HIM in the hot tub- just speculation, though.

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