pinkNINJA… en France!

January 21, 2009

I am back, and I am now in Lyon, France! I almost went bonkers the first day, because my internet connection wasn’t working, and none of the airports I had been at offered free wifi. It feels awesome to have it again hehe, because I felt incredibly disconnected from family, friends, and basic information without it. I miss everyone so much.

Even with internet, though, I have noticed that the gaming ports for Steam, and the ports that ventrilo uses have all been blocked ! I am scared that I will not be able to game for 6 months. It is one of my greatest passions, and a great way to get my mind off things (such as homesickness). I tried using a vpn that I used at home, but that didn’t work, so I will probably try to talk to the admin about it…

Being in France has been a bit of a culture shock… they take 2 hour lunch breaks, and really take life slowly. It will definitely be something to get used to ! I have never lived on my own before, so it was weird not having a spoon to eat my yogurt with on the my first day here hehe. I had to use the cover as a kind of scoop! Being creative is certainly fun hehe. I bought toilet paper for the first time yesterday, and I found that to be oddly exciting.

It is so much easier living at home… there you don’t have to really worry about running out of things, or having to use a jacket as a pillow. It’s worked pretty well so far, though, haha but I figure I better buy one so that my jacket doesn’t look like a bucket of wrinkles. At home, too, I have never gotten lost in a big mall for 20 minutes. I swear I had such a difficult time finding the correct exit, and I felt like I was going around in circles. It was really funny to see some American stores that I recognized there- such as Claire’s Accessories and the Tie Rack! I had no idea that Claire’s was so big all around the world… go figure. I managed to buy a cellphone for 19 euros, and that’s with free incoming calls. I find that the cell plans here are a lot more reasonable, but that’s probably because there is a wider variety of plans and providers to choose from. I think my friends will be proud of me, as I had been using a broken cell phone in Canada since October!

The architecture here is gorgeous, and I feel lucky to even have such a pretty view out my window.

Here are some pics from my apartment- I haven’t unpacked yet, so it is quite messy (my b, my roommate is super cool and clean^^):

The view

The large window

The kitchenette… and the toilet paper that I bought for the first time!

My bed thus far and the black lump that is my pillow^^

Table and stairs

The bed in the loft (the ceiling is probably only 6′ high)


6 Responses to “pinkNINJA… en France!”

  1. Aha! Toilet paper! I believe we had a conversation about that once.
    Looks like you need a bed sheet too.

  2. Rob K said

    Jess, you get excited by the strangest things (toilet paper, really?). Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time in France. Keep us posted!

  3. Carl Carlson said

    Ohh a france update, cool beans ๐Ÿ˜›
    Let me tell ya something, I’ve been there before. I find it works best if you curl the entire top of the pudding/yogurt container much like a “scoopula” (I kinda just wanted to say the word scoopula).
    Hope you have fun over there!

  4. aSydiK said

    A lot of people in Europe live a slower pace. In the Netherlands, everything and I mean EVERYTHING (maybe except the 24/7 shops) closes down by 5 pm. It’s an awesome life. I’m going to visit there again in August!

  5. G Unit. said

    Thanks for cleaning up for us before taking the pics….. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. prettypinkninja said

    I miss you all so much- a big party is a must as soon as I get back ^^

    Mr. Mystery Man-
    Yes, I recall that conversation lol You’re right, I plan on picking up a sheet tomorrow at Ikea… I’ve been holding out on buying a lot of stuff until I go there, because it is such an awesome place hehe (my little heaven on earth, perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks, I definitely will ^^ I guess buying toilet paper made me feel really grown up for the first time in awhile hehe.

    I literally lol’d at your invention of the word “scoopula” ^^ Thanks for the good wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

    I didn’t know that you had been there! Veeery interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, it sounds like things are even slower there than in France. Almost all stores are closed here on Sundays, though!

    Anytime haha I still have yet to unpack my shiznat.

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