My first week (almost) in Lyon

January 24, 2009

It has been almost a week now since I have been in Lyon, and things are slowly getting easier. I no longer get lost in the mall; I know my way around pretty well! I usually go straight to the store, Carrefour, which international students like to describe as the French walmart equivalent. It is the best place to find cheap stuff, and they have a whole floor at the top of the mall that is a grocery store. It is a great place to buy food, but it’s a bitch to carry things home.

It has been raining ever since I arrived, so I’m anxiously awaiting nicer weather. I don’t own an umbrella yet, so it makes things a bit tough. I would also like to do some more sight-seeing, and take lots of photos to post here! I walked around town for a couple of hours a few days ago with a cool Canadian girl that I met outside the international students office. She overheard me and my friend Sarah talking in english, and she introduced herself. She showed me around the Belle-Cour, the Opera house, the town hall (Hotel de Ville), and where 2 of the 3 H&M’s are located. I cannot believe that Lyon has 3 H&M’s when Ottawa has 0. Where is the justice in that?

Things have gotten so much better here since yesterday. My friend, Sarah, who I had classes with back home, has been so helpful (she picked me up from my flight) and she took me on a trip to Ikea yesterday! I should have known that a trip to Ikea would make me forget about my homesickness, at least temporarily. I also had my first hot meal there since my flight.

I am so happy to now have a warm duvet to sleep in, and a REAL pillow! Yay:) I also bought a pot and a pan, so that I can cook hot meals for myself at home. Here’s to not getting food poisoning! aha! I made some chicken in tomato sauce and a side-dish of rice last night, and it was quite good.

I tried to buy some curry sauce for my rice, but I had such a hard time finding it at the grocery store. I think I may have to hit up a speciality store for it. Peanut butter is another item that is hard to find here, and when you do- it’s super expensive, because hardly anyone eats it. Back at home I would eat peanut butter toast (or a sandwich) every single day. I’m trying to brace the culture here, though. I now buy lots of baguettes. A baguette typically costs 0.85 euros, but I prefer whole wheat, and it is somehow cheaper at 0.45 euros- go figure!

The first time that I really felt like I was in France was on my first day when I saw an older man walking around with a baguette. Now I see people eating them everywhere. Want to buy a sandwich? It will be made with baguette. Going to the convenience store? You’ll see baguettes. Yummy!

Here is a photo of me and also photos of my new purchases:


The pillows are square-shaped in France… I wish I could tell you why

We don’t have a shower rod in our bathroom, so I attempted to put up the shower curtain with strong tape, which clearly wasn’t strong enough. I guess I’ll have to visit a hardware store soon…

Cereal, olive oil, and 20 sided dice ^^ (in case there’s a party hehe)

My pot… that is probably too large

My new pan!

My PINK plates, cute cups, and baguette (or whatever is left of it)


One Response to “My first week (almost) in Lyon”

  1. Greg said

    Hey look! You cleaned up!!

    Hope you are having a blast!

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