First photo adventure in Lyon

January 25, 2009

So I went out today to take some photos, and I ended up bumping into the spanish people from my floor, who I hung out with on Thursday night ^^ It is always nice to sight-see with others !

I met a couple of them on my first night in Lyon, when I was freaking out, because I was unable to open my door due to a sucky key. They helped me get inside my door hehe, and we’ve been friends ever since ^^ I’ve since learned the trick to the stupid key, but I’m glad that experience helped me make a few friends in a new city.

We mostly spent our time in Vieux-Lyon (old Lyon) where there is cobblestone, and a beautiful basilica called Fourvière. Afterward, I tried my first kebab. My brother told me about it a few days ago, and he described it as the european shawarma equivalent. I tried la “galette” and it was a bit odd, but still delicious and greasy like a shawarma. Of course they gave me onions and tomatoes even though I asked for none hehe. I would have prefered only chicken, but I think it was made up of some combination of beef, chicken, and sheep- though, I cannot be certain. There were also fries inside! Whoa.

Here are some photos from my little adventure today. If you would like to see the rest, then click here.

Me in front of la Rhône (river)

The ferris wheel at Belle-Cour

My new friends in front of la Fourvière

Skyline of Lyon at night- the tall building is called “Le Crayon”… and they love it here

7 Responses to “First photo adventure in Lyon”

  1. Renegade said

    That Ferris wheel looks so cool, especially when you see it from different angles (with the pics that were posted on Flickr).

    Glad you found some friends! Always important to meet new friends when on travel =)

  2. prettypinkninja said

    Thanks so much!

    Yeah, very true. Thanks again for shoutcasting at Battle Royale! I have only heard awesome reviews.

  3. Renegade said

    Not a problem. I had an awesome time, and everyone was really nice, which was great 😀

  4. Jato said

    I love the second photo, its gorgeous.

  5. Jato said

    Also, I just noticed the dice on Flickr. Bravo.

  6. prettypinkninja said

    Thanks again ^^

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