New Ottawa Apple Store

July 18, 2009

The Rideau Apple Store opening today was such an adrenaline rush! I felt shivery when I left the mall- the same feeling I get when meeting my favourite bands! I did not anticipate seeing such massive crowds of people. It was a real event to remember.

There was a countdown and seemingly endless cheering! The line spilled out the exterior door of the mall, and went down an entire block of Nicholas St.! Luckily it moved fast, and I was giving and receiving high fives and a sweet free t-shirt, and being ushered into the new Apple Store before I knew it. I was happy to be one of the first 1000!

Here is a short video that I took at the beginning:

I took a bunch of photos- they can be seen here until they are all done uploading, when I will organize them.

5 Responses to “New Ottawa Apple Store”

  1. Bobito said

    That’s outrageous. People are wearing jackets in this time of the year. Wash those hands.

  2. prettypinkninja said

    It was pouring this morning, so it was to escape the rain… and it has been quite cold in Ottawa this summer. I want to go back to Europe for the warmth!

    Wash which hands, eh?

  3. Bobito said

    the handth which highfivedth ze strangereseses.
    it’s nice and warm where I live and it doesn’t cost as much to get yo bum here from thar.

  4. Lenny said

    Good thing I was lucky to be inside waiting in line and I didn’t know it was ALL the way outside. 🙂
    I hope you got to check my Flickr and my silly blog. 😀

  5. […] mention that I had a chance to check the Apple Store Rideau on Saturday, July 18. I was one of the 1000 people in line to get the free t-shirt from the Apple Store in Rideau Centre. It was loud and raucous […]

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