How to fly to Europe From Canada, USA on the cheap

October 12, 2009

How to travel on a budget in Europe? You might be a student like myself, or someone looking to enjoy Europe while having enough money for the flight home…

Flights to Europe are generally less expensive in the Autumn and early Spring, and the weather is still gorgeous. I recommend traveling during these times because the cities will be less full of Europe, and you will have more room to move about, and experience shorter lines at the museums.

There are also often last-minute deals to be found at airlines such as Air Transat.

In Barcelona I met an American guy who had found a flight to Dublin, Ireland from Boston for only $200 using the airline Aerlingus. He decided to go from Dublin to Barcelona for only a few days, because the flight was so inexpensive.

Although cheap airfare might not take you to your favourite european city, it is often best to go to the cheapest spot, because you will find that it is extremely inexpensive to fly once you are within Europe.


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