Happy Thanksgiving Canada :)

October 12, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Canadians who read this blog, and a Happy Columbus Day to all of you Americans:)

(Scribblenauts hat… not really turkey-ish, but close?)

Last weekend a LAN I helped to organize, Battle Royale III took place at Carleton University. It was a blast, a lot of work, tiring (24 hours long + set-up/clean-up) and a great way to meet a bunch of new gamers- like UKM from the Uber Melons. It is always a neat experience meeting gamers in person after you have seen them around on the internetz. I was also pretty psyched that my Rock Band team made semi-finals, and my PC team won a game of Counter-Strike:Source, although none of us had played in ages.

I actually missed out on the first five hours of the LAN, as I was out and about with two other organizers buying about $900 more of great prizes, when we learned that our budget was actually in the green! I’m a fan of shopping, but not when it means missing out on a LAN! We ended up picking up a lot of great stuff such as an XBOX 360, Racing wheel for the XBOX, about 30 usb thumbdrives, and a Rock Band 2 set.

It is a little bitter-sweet now to have the event in the past… every week this summer I would meet up with the other organizers to brainstorm on how to make the LAN great, and I spent a lot of my free time contacting sponsors (ended up wrangling EA, Valve, Bawls, G4 Canada, and SteelSeries!) and coordinating details for the LAN. It was a really exciting day, and I’m sad that it is over now. I am looking to being more of a participant, though, at the next LAN 🙂

pinkNINJA la photographeuse 😀 want to see more? Click here !


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving Canada :)”

  1. 0ptik said

    ah good times, your time and effort is really appreciated.

    wo0t tf2 win 🙂

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