Ocean Drive’s “Without You (Perdue sans toi) This song is currently huge in France, and it is a great mix of English and French. It is a sweet and simple song about two lovers who have parted ways, and are hoping to reunite. The double language aspect of the song makes me imagine a situation where two exchange students in love parted ways to return their home countries.

Translation of the main parts of the song – thanks to LetsSingIt for the lyrics 🙂

Lyrics Traduction / Translation
You don’t need to think about it, my only love I promise you too.
Don’t need to check it out, trust me, I swear I can’t live without you.
Oh oh oh.

Accro à tes sens, je frise l’effervescence
Je suis dans un brouillard, est-ce trop tôt ou trop tard ?
Plus envie de souffrir, plus envie de mentir
Toi seul me trouveras, je suis… Perdue sans toi

Ta bouche sur ma peau, j’en deviens vraiment accro
Tes mains sur mon corps m’obligent à te dire “Encore”
J’ai envie de te dire “Je t’aime à en mourir”
Je ne trouve plus les mots, chéri, I love you so… Chéri, I love you so…

Tu ne devrais pas y penser, mon seul amour, je te promets
Tu ne devrais pas le vérifier, fais-moi confiance,
Je ne peux vivre sans toi.
Oh oh oh

Hooked on your senses, I am on the verge of turmoil
I am in a fog, is it too soon or too late?
I no longer want to suffer, I no longer want to lie
You alone will find me, I am lost… without you

Your lips on my skin… I become truly hooked
Your hands on my body make me say “More”
I want to tell you that “I love you to death”
I can’t find the words anymore, my dear, I love you so… My dear, I love you so…

Radio Edit

Nuova musica

October 15, 2009

❤ catchy music… I expect to keep these at the top of my playlist for awhile…

Breathe Carolina

July 18, 2009

I heard this band play for the first time at Warped Tour in Montreal last weekend (July 11th). It’s a great combination of electronica and punk!

I downloaded the following song from their record label’s summer sampler online… give it a listen here 🙂

I’m going to the Ottawa Apple Store opening this morning! I’ll post up some photos later 🙂