Having geek cred is important. In fact, I’m working on getting better at reading binary, so I can buy myself one of those nifty binary clocks someday.

If you’re like me, and perhaps a bit of an extremist in your love for and determination in all things geekiness, than you should read this article. It covers everything from creating animated sprays, the quickest way to speak to actual people when calling customer service, stream your movies to any TV in the house, and how to build your own computer.


Here is how 🙂

  1. Download a great demo from RedRum-Demos
  2. Unzip it and put the file in your tf folder, which you can find through program files – steam/steamapps/your account/tf2/tf
  3. Open your game
  4. Open the developers’ console by pressing the ~ key (tilde) – this has to be enabled in your options
  5. Write “playdemo” and you will notice that the name of the demos you downloaded will now appear below
  6. Either type in the name of your demo or hit the down arrow key and select the demo that you would like to watch

You are now watching the demo that you have downloaded! You will be able to learn from the 1337est players this way, and your game will undoubtedly improve.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Press “Shift” + “f2” if you would like to pause your game or rewind/fast-forward
  • When you are downloading a demo, make sure to read who has the POV (point of view) if you are looking to be able to switch throughout the characters

Thanks to:
GotFrag Forums

Casbros from the Italian clan n!Gage created some very cool TF2 style Magic cards. I find them extremely helpful in learning my Italian TF2 vocabulary 🙂 For example, I had no idea that the heavy was called “il grosso,” but it makes SO much sense now.