Merry Christmas!!!!!

December 24, 2008

I wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas ^^

Digg a “Very Mario Christmas” (+ check out the other cool images!)

Ninja Christmas gifts!

  1. Throwing Star Magnets

    When your house guests see this on your fridge, they will know that they better keep themselves in line if they don’t want a ninja star to be a part of their near future…

  2. Personalized Official International Order of Ninjas MERIT BADGES

    The skill is completely customizable, so you could keep “Choppin’ Heads” if you choose, or even go with something like “stealthy backstabbing”. You can be as creative as you like to reflect the NINJA in your life!

  3. Handmade Pocket Wee Ninja

    This is no regular Wee NInja… it is handmade, and as cute as a button- NINJAs deal with so much death and destruction that it is sometimes nice to have adorable things in our lives.

  4. I look forward to killing you soon T-Shirt

    Most NINJAs are forced to wear our civilian clothes for work and school and such, so wearing this shirt is another way of saying “don’t even try it, buddy” to those who are unaware of our super ninja skills. Available in sizes for both NINJA guys and gals!

  5. NINJA Badge holder

    Again, work forces these things upon many of us, but having the word “NINJA” on it lets people know that you would be perfectly capable of sneaking through the vents and around the security guards to get to your desk… if only the whole building had not been paranoid about a huge breach of security the last time…

  6. I ninja’d this t-shirt

    Oh, you were all spawn camping, and didn’t see me sneak by and cap the 2nd point?

  7. NINJA Electronics Duster

    Here is how the product is described on ThinkGeek:
    *(It’s Dust-slaying Nano-shurikens Of Doom!)

    That really sells it for me!

My favourite tips from the video:
“One of the best gifts you can get a ninja, gift cards! It’s a gift that says “you don’t know me!”… perfect for a ninja!”
“Buying a ninja black is like giving boobs to Dolly Parton. We already have plenty.”