“As reported by the Orange County Register, Prof. Bonnie Nardi of the University of California Irvine, received the $100K grant from the National Science Foundation for the project.”

I’m wondering how she went about getting the $100,000, as it doesn’t seem like it would take very much $ to research WoW. It’s interesting, though, to see that video games are being taken so seriously in the field of science. I would like to read her report later to see if she observes any interesting economical trends from WoW that can be applied IRL.

The closest thing that I ever did to this was making a Counter-Strike:Source presentation in my second year of university for French class. It was really fun giving 1337-speak translations and showing my class a demo of some pro CS:S players.

Best presentation ev0r!

Game Politics: Prof Gets $100,000 Grant to Study World of Warcraft

100th post!!! w00t 😀


I finally went and saw Pineapple Express, and it was a really good time. The movie was funny in a silly sort of way, but the real reason why I enjoyed it so much was because I felt like there were a lot of cs references!

I was really excited when the dealers started busting out the AK-47’s, the deagles, and the dualies! It’s probably a little odd that weaponry can do that for me…

I practically peed my pants when one of the Asians (dressed as NINJAs!) bombed the place- the only thing that would have been better would have been if it had gone “bomb has been planted” and then beeped for a few seconds before detonating.

They didn’t just bomb any old place either- the interior looked JUST like the assault map. Yes, there was even a VENT.

Spy vs. Terrorist Spray

August 7, 2008

TF2 meets CS in this spray!

Click to download, and then put it in: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/team fortress 2/tf/materials/VGUI/logos/

Note: this isn’t my image, but I made it into a convenient spray format ! Please contact me if this is your creation, and I will give you full credit.