It seems to me like Steam is becoming more like Facebook everyday with it emphasis on creating a social network for gamers.

Steam now has a link at the top of every profile to check out friends that you have in common with other people. Here is a screenshot of that:

I’m not really sure how useful this feature is, but maybe some people like using it to get a sense of how small the interwebz really are?

This digg about a TechCrunch article describes how Facebook ads are not only scanning your textual information these days – new facebook ads for can emulate your own profile photos to better market products and services towards you.

I’m wondering if there is a way to opt-out of the sharing of images with advertisers.

Speaking of music…

April 11, 2008

One of my recent posts reminded me vaguely of an xkcd comic that I love… very scary.

Something to watch out for…

Some questions to ask to help avoid this situation:

  • When did you start liking the band?
  • What are your favourite lyrics?
  • What’s the lead singer’s name again? I forget…
  • Did you go the concert the last time they were in town? When was it?
  • Is the band touring right now?
  • Did they make any South Park/Simpsons appearances?
  • Do you have any of their merch?
  • What do you think of their music video where they employed ______ technique in ______ their lyrics?
  • etc.

You will have to take the answers, though, with a grain of salt if you know that the person is the heavy googler/researcher type. Some people will do/learn anything to impress you or to even be competitive (having more knowledge on the subject than yourself), so of course don’t use music as a selection technique… even if punk boys are super cute, and you just can’t help yourself. Just sayin’.