I was busy volunteering this past weekend, so I wasn’t able to get out to any of the lan parties that took place around where I live. I miss my lan friends, and I haven’t been to a lan party since March, so I’m feeling symptoms of withdrawal!

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to go to a LAN party yet- it stands for local area network, and it’s a big gathering of nerds where everyone brings their computers and gets their game on!

I find that LAN parties are an awesome way to meet a group of people who you know automatically share many similar interests with you. In day to day life I find it hard to meet people who play the same fps games that I do, and whenever I bring it up I usually get looks of disbelief.

At the March lan, though, there were still a couple incidents of disbelief. I wore my t-shirt that my friends had bought me for my birthday that said “Girls play cs, too” and one guy still asked me “Do you actually play cs?” I had to try really hard to keep my composure, because I felt like rofl-ing.

You really see every type of gamer at these kinds of parties. You will have your griefer– a big asshole who likes to ruin other people’s fun, and somehow they will drag you into the middle of it, and you will be having such a good time that you won’t realize what you have become. At one LAN a bunch of us went onto a server and meow’d until we either got kicked or banned. “What is with the cats?!”

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have the rager who screams at everyone, because nothing is ever their fault. This person is the least fun to be around. The only upside is that they give everyone else a laugh for looking like a complete tool.

The ringer is the best person to talk to if you are trying to improve your game. This person knows all of the strats and is the resident pwner-er. When they’re not playing the game they tend to be very quiet, so you’d have no idea what they’re truly capable of. Meeting this kind of person is like finding a dollar in your pocket- a very nice surprise.

The creeper is possibly the worst kind of gamer for a gamer girl to run into (yes the genders can be reversed, but I’m speaking from my personal experience). The creeper is not even a real gamer; he has no friends or girlfriend, so he goes to the lan as if it was his mecca. The creeper will sit next to your computer while you try to game, and he will stare at you as if he was a turret in Portal, “I see you!” When you get up to “go to the washroom” he will take photos of you, and he will treasure them always. You might try to enlist your gamer friends for support, but he will inevitably creep them, too.

The non-gamer gamer has the best rig (or fragwagon) there. The case is brilliant, and the lights emanating from it makes the lan look more like a disco. You will probably be fooled into thinking that this is the new fatal1ty until they ask you how to run ventrilo.

Well that’s all for now 🙂 To be continued!

(Inspired by Valkyrie’s post on different types of gamer girls)

A pleasant surprise

May 17, 2008

I was looking through my screenshots, when I found a random wav file in my steamapps\cstrike folder.

I don’t even know how I downloaded this, but I love it.

Random, but last week I was enjoying some tf2 when I was asked if I was a boy or a girl. I didn’t feel like telling them, so I only told them that I was anything they wanted me to be, and it got to the point where they were speculating that I was using something to alter my voice haha ! It’s hilarious that they were trying to explain the situation is such a complex way, when in fact the answer was very simple.

Oh, my ! To all you doubters- I can’t seem to get the following song out of my head:

A bit of Miley Cyrus is always good to balance out the post-hardcore ! I can’t wait to go danciiiiiing 🙂

I found this very interesting video on digg. A couple of researchers at Harvard looked into the effect that video games have on children, and their findings go against what the politicians have been saying for so many years. They say that video games are very important in terms of social interaction, and that boys who do not play video games are more prone to getting into trouble.

This reminds me of a comment that Stephen King made recently, that was posted on the same site. He calls the American politicians out on using video games as a form of a scape goat to gloss over the real problems.

Another digg post regarding the rising use of violence in video games shows that there is no correlation to what is happening in RL.

Here is the image that was posted:

People are often surprised when they learn that I enjoy FPS games, maybe it’s because I’m a girl and not typically what they would imagine, but I believe that a big part of it is that they also imagine someone that is angry, anti-social, and violent. Politicians have been perpetuating that violent stereotype so much, but the reality is often far from that. Of course you’re going to find a couple of assholes on any server, but the same can be said for rl.