Left 4 Dead Funnies

December 9, 2008

My friend Carl aka Cyborg sent me these awesome links ^^ Frickin hilarious (but not for kids)


Click for the full-sized versions:

YTMND – Left 4 Dead – Zoey Gets Some

National Geographic will start creating games to promote “geographic knowledge,” and I am curious to play the games if merely for the visuals, as the magazine’s photographs are always stunning.

It would be interesting if one could actually learn say how to navigate a foreign city through playing one of these games. Memorizing maps such as De_dust2 or a map on a broader scale (such as any of the ones from the Zelda games) is just something that gamers do; to be able to use this knowledge IRL would be fantastic.


A proposal

November 7, 2008

I think Halloween should be a bi-annual event! It is so much fun dressing up as video game characters ^^

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did!!!