Una bella canzone…

December 26, 2008

Hope everyone had a very nice Christmas ^^ I was really happy to see my Nonna (Italian Grandma) yesterday. I was able to speak with her so much better in italian, just from practicing and listening to TeamSpeak on the italian TF2 server that I love, n!Gage.

Here is a song by the italian dj, Gigi D’Agostino that I am currently in love with:
L’Amour toujours (I’ll fly with you)

Click here to listen to an absolutely fantastic remix.

My TF2 Highlander team also plays in the UGC 7v7 league, and we pwned it up last night. It was my first 7v7 game ever, and I was a bit hesitant to be honest, because 6v6 is the standard these days, but it was a ton of fun! I’m not sure if it was more fun, because the whole match lasted no more than 15 minutes, or if it was because it was nice to be able to have another medic…

Here are a couple TF2 screenshots- the first one is by Kilatsat, and the second one is mine:

I can barely believe that we capped 6 points in 2 minutes and 6 seconds!!!! It was nuts.

(Haha good luck capping 4 points in 12 seconds)

This is what TF2 looks like in Italian while running Boodah’s config.

pinkNINJA card !

July 26, 2008

The super 1337 Casbros made a card for me, and I absolutely love it 🙂 It made my day!