Casbros from the Italian clan n!Gage created some very cool TF2 style Magic cards. I find them extremely helpful in learning my Italian TF2 vocabulary ๐Ÿ™‚ For example, I had no idea that the heavy was called “il grosso,” but it makes SO much sense now.

I love learning new languages, and I find that gaming is a really fun way to go about it- even if you have to suffer a high ping in order to access a foreign server.

I enjoy playing on Italian servers, and the great thing about them is that they are full in the morning, when the Canadian servers are all empty. On the weekends I’m an early gamer, and playing dustbowl with 3 other people isn’t very fun.

I try my best to listen to what people are saying over the mic, and I try to add to the conversation when I can. I play medic pretty often, and that involves a lot of talking- about where the enemies are, and about the status of my uber.

Here is some vocabulary that I have found useful when gaming con gli italiani !

For calling out enemy locations:
In front – d’avanti
Behind – dietro
Right-side – a destra
Left-side – a sinistra

Medic – medico
Spy – Spia (pronounced Spee-a)
Wait – aspettare (conjugated, I would say “aspetta”)
I will give you my uber – “(name of person) darรฒ il mio salsicciotto (OR la mia uber)”

Note: Vocabulary taken from my handy Larousse + my grammar is by no means perfect, as I’m still learning !

Updates: Corrections to some of the vocabulary- thanks to Gater, Inverno, & SiYiSMA ๐Ÿ™‚

Non sono un bot

June 16, 2008

Yesterday I was playing on an Italian tf2 server, and I got asked if I was a woman (una donna) or a bot ! It made my day. It made me feel like Anna from the Basshunter vid.

Today I was playing a pug, and this guy was raging at me. He kept yelling at me, and blaming me whenever he died, and he kept screaming at me because I was not able to be in 2 places at once around the map. Newsflash : that is impossible.

People like this ruin the fun of a game. It’s a lot easier to ignore assholes in pubs, because you can just mute them, but when you’re on vent with someone in a pug it feels like you’re in an abusive relationship. I hope he doesn’t act like this with his friends and family in rl; what a douchebag.