I found this interesting digg today- apparently us women prefer men with a bit of stubble. Also interesting to note- clean-shaven men were voted 2nd least attractive and the very least attractive went to those sporting a full beard. Here we see yet again that moderation is key.

I’m not exactly sure where I stand on this issue- the other day I definitely did a double-take of a guy that I see often, because he had some stubble. It gave him a certain George Clooney-esque look. On the other hand, though, getting a kiss from someone with a sandpapery face isn’t very pleasant.

Each to their own 🙂

Geek Love<3

April 22, 2008

Since this post is all about the ❤ here is a new love of mine- a song by Dj Lhasa, one of my favourite italian dj’s:

So a cute geek decided to ask out a girl that he likes through a digg posting, and it has received over 13,500 diggs already, but there is no word yet as to whether she said yes. Not to be super creepy, but the shouts on her profile between the two of them make it seem that he has already asked her, and that he is trying again. I hope that she doesn’t feel pressured by all of the people rooting for this dude, even if he is super cute.

Here is a mirror that I put up of his “promposal” (as the kids from Laguna Beach call it!):
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Here is another way of asking someone to prom (found from a digg comment)… I wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone:

My prom served really bad food, but I’m glad that I went. Good times 🙂